Alliance Roofing Continues To Serve The Community With Excellence

Alliance Roofing continues to serve the community with excellence

Alliance Roofing has been serving the community with excellence since 1991. It’s a family owned business that started off with just one truck & Alliance has built the company into one of the premier roofing companies in the Denver region. Alliance Roofing Inc. has dedicated their time focusing on quality labor, durability, top quality and excellence. Making an impact in the entire state of Colorado, and the surrounding environment.

“Great people work here, and they are always striving for excellence”-Joshua Adams (customer review)


Alliance is Community Driven

The kind of reviews that Alliance Roofing receives are from customers that are happy with the work and  service they have received. Alliance Roofing is also very involved in the community. In June 2006 they donated their time to install four roofs for Habitat for Humanity. Alliance Roofing has been honored four times to be one of the roofing contractors to work with the Parade of Homes.

Roofing Guidance from Alliance

Learning how to take care of  your roof & being aware of any damage will save you tons of headaches. Alliance Roofing provides the guidance to make sure you get the best service for what you need. They specialize in new construction, re-roofs, flat and metal roofing, seamless gutters and downspout systems. On the website there are a lot of resources regarding your roof, and with life being so hectic it is important to learn more about it. Your roof is the one thing that protects your home from anything. Have you heard the famous saying “Be thankful you have a roof over your head”? Well that exactly applies to this situation- your roof will thank you for taking care of it.

Trusted roofing since 1991

It’s a challenge to find a company that can be trusted, that has the experience and wants the best for its customers. Doing research, reading reviews can help you to determine your decision on which roofing company to choose. Alliance Roofing has an established history with great experience and customer reviews. As well as serving the community and striving to be the best each day. Not only can Alliance Roofing provide you with the right information, support, and great customer service but they also carry great products that will help your budget. For more information regarding Alliance Roofing services you can visit their website or call 720-859-1200 with any questions or request an estimate for re-roofing your home or business.








5 Questions to Ask Your Roofer

Finding the “right man to do the job” can be a pain in the drain….no roofing pun intended. Alliance Roofing has been in business since 1991 and we have handled both commercial roofing and residential roofing. Our team of roofers handle every type of roofing job. Alliance roofers cover: new roofing, reroofing, roof repair, gutter, asphalt roofs, tile roofing, metal roofing, flat roofing and more. Our Denver-certified roofing contractors have been delivering top-rated results for our local clients. When you hire Alliance Roofing for your next roofing job, ask us the following questions. We got you covered on all sides.

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Do I Need to Replace My Roof?

On a day-to-day basis, most of us don’t think about roof replacement. Unless your roof is crumbling or falling down around your head while you are at the dinner table, the thought doesn’t even cross our minds until it is too late.  The key to great home ownership is becoming proactive and spotting roof problems BEFORE they develop, such as leaking, crumbling etc. You don’t need to be a roofing expert or contractor to spot issues in your roof. What factors should you be checking for to find out if you need to reroof or a roof replacement? Find out…..before it’s time to take cover.

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Pounded As The Hailstorm’s Bullseye, Wheat Ridge Is Still Working Overtime On Recovery

The destructive hail storm that barraged the Denver metro area in May is likely to be the most expensive storm in Colorado history — more than 50,000 homes and 150,000 cars had major damage.

The eye of that storm was Wheat Ridge. The small suburban city government is feeling the storm’s strain in more ways than one.

About 70 percent of the city’s fleet vehicles  — about 95 cars and trucks — were damaged or destroyed in the storm. Roughly half the homes in the city need new roofs and city officials are grappling with what it takes to get 7,000 permits issued and multiple inspections completed.

Several employees are putting in extra hours. Building inspectors have upped their roof inspections to about five an hour or more than 30 a day. One inspector actually had to go to the hospital after falling ill after so much work. Others are staffing the phones and trying to push through weekends of work to approve permit applications.

“It’s a struggle to find out how much more can we be doing, should we be doing? It’s a struggle for a small community,” said Patrick Goff, Wheat Ridge city manager. “I want to even do better than we’re doing but there are certain realities.”

Melissa Okada lives on Depew Street near 29th Avenue. Her windows, siding and her roof were destroyed in the storm. She described the sound as bombs going off during that 20 minutes. Okada said she appreciates the city’s multiple inspections after learning they are trying to protect residents from fly-by-night contractors who have descended to the area from out of state.

“I think the lack of communication between the city and the residents about why the process is taking so long,” Okada said, “that’s been the most frustrating part.”

Wheat Ridge officials are certainly cranking: roof inspections have jumped six-fold in the last two weeks compared to the first few weeks after that May storm, from 170 to 969. Officials have approved about 2,200 new roofs since the storm and almost 1,000 of them were in the last three weeks.

City officials asked counterparts in Lakewood, Denver, even Pueblo, for some employees they could borrow, but the other cities said they were equally as busy, not just with the hail, but with the summer construction season.

So Goff decided to go with contractors and has people flying in as temporary workers, mostly from California. Roof inspection permit fees, which run about $300 a piece, he said, are mostly covering the costs.

Even with the extra help, Goff said they are falling behind. There are about 800 applications waiting for approval in the city’s online system and chief building inspector Brian Tardif said his guys are “working to the bone.” On most days, they are climbing up to five roofs an hour.

“Yesterday, they did an average of 38 inspections, each,” Tardif said. “That’s a lot. They’re working on overload.”

Part of the workload is the city’s requirement that everyone who gets a roof also gets a mid-construction inspection. City officials say this protects homeowners and keeps roofers on track. But it often means a day or two of waiting during these busy times, Tardif pointed out.

“I understand their position, they want to be in and out in a day, but they have to understand our position,” said Tardif, who used to be a contractor. “We work for the homeowner.”

Goff wrestles with all of this back at his office. He is trying to care for his employees, replace his city’s damaged vehicles, make sure residents are getting quality roofs and do it all within the city’s $43 million budget.

“Some days it’s half my day, some nights it’s half my sleep,” Goff said. “It’s part of the job. I’m not complaining.”

Colorado 2014 Hail Storms

2014 Colorado Hail Storms

Well it has been a very busy hail season so far this year. It appears much of Denver Metro area has had some sort of hail or wind damage that can cause homeowners stress in dealing with the cleanup, Insurance claims then on to the repairs. With all the bad media surrounding Roofing Contractors we understand the hesitation and concern when hiring a Contractor to do the repairs. Door knockers is a nuisance for sure, but does not mean that the contractors are “storm chasers”. You can post a sign on your door to avoid having non-stop knocking at your home. The Colorado Roofing Association has a version of the letter on their website if you are interested. To make sure you are getting a Colorado based company, do some minor research to make sure the contractor you are choosing is a good and stable company.

#1. Check with the BBB to see there rating

#2. Check with the Colorado Roofing Association for membership

#3. Check the State of Colorado Business website to check years in business and ownership change. ( Sometimes contractors from out of state come to Denver and purchase just the name of the business that has been opened for years but has changed ownership and now is being ran by someone from out of state.)

Remember to NEVER sign anything until you get a contract showing a contract price.

Also Colorado passed a new law SB38 which prohibits contractors on giving any kickback to homeowners for there deductible. If a contractor says they will give you cash back for your deductible than you can report that contractor. You can read that new law on the Colorado Roofing Associations website as well.

If you do your homework, finding a good and qualified contractor should be pretty painless.

Boulder Requires Shake Shingle Replacement

Boulder Requires Shake Shingle Replacement

Boulder is requiring that on Jan 1, 2014 all wood shake shingles will be prohibited from use as a roofing material in the City of Boulder .

To learn more call us at 720-859-1200.

Colorado Roofing Regulations

Colorado Roofing Regulations,

Here is a summary of the new Colorado Roofing Regulations provided by the Colorado Roofing Association of the new legislation passed in 2012 to protect consumers rights . Click on the headline to learn more.

Residential Roofing Services

Residential Roofing Services

Residential Roofing Services for all of your home needs.