Colorado 2014 Hail Storms

2014 Colorado Hail Storms

Well it has been a very busy hail season so far this year. It appears much of Denver Metro area has had some sort of hail or wind damage that can cause homeowners stress in dealing with the cleanup, Insurance claims then on to the repairs. With all the bad media surrounding Roofing Contractors we understand the hesitation and concern when hiring a Contractor to do the repairs. Door knockers is a nuisance for sure, but does not mean that the contractors are “storm chasers”. You can post a sign on your door to avoid having non-stop knocking at your home. The Colorado Roofing Association has a version of the letter on their website if you are interested. To make sure you are getting a Colorado based company, do some minor research to make sure the contractor you are choosing is a good and stable company.

#1. Check with the BBB to see there rating

#2. Check with the Colorado Roofing Association for membership

#3. Check the State of Colorado Business website to check years in business and ownership change. ( Sometimes contractors from out of state come to Denver and purchase just the name of the business that has been opened for years but has changed ownership and now is being ran by someone from out of state.)

Remember to NEVER sign anything until you get a contract showing a contract price.

Also Colorado passed a new law SB38 which prohibits contractors on giving any kickback to homeowners for there deductible. If a contractor says they will give you cash back for your deductible than you can report that contractor. You can read that new law on the Colorado Roofing Associations website as well.

If you do your homework, finding a good and qualified contractor should be pretty painless.