Live Roofing

Alliance Roofing is environmentally friendly. The owners grew up on a farm and understand the benefits that a live roof provides to people who live in an urban environment. Our system is proven and our plants, which are selected, developed, and tested specifically for rooftop cultivation, are remarkably effective.

There are several benefits for live roofs.

  • Plants and soil provide the roof with a natural protective shield from the elements.
  • Depending on the location, some cities also provide tax credits for more extensive urban development projects.
  • The evapotranspirative effect of the plants and four inches of growing medium typically reduces indoor temperatures 6 to 8 degrees during warm/hot weather and can reduce air-conditioning costs 25 to 50 percent in single story buildings.  This not only allows for ongoing cost savings but an initial reduction in the size of the required air conditioning equipment.

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