Flat Roofing

Traditional asphalt shingle systems are not compatible for flat or nearly
flat roofs. Due to the standing water that pools on flat roofs and extremely
low slope roofs a special application will need to be used .

There are advantages and disadvantages for having a flat roof instead of a slope roof. Slope roofs are designed to shed water where flat roofs need a drain system installed. Even though these roofs are said to be flat, they actually have minimal slope in them to help with the water draining, or when the roof is installed the drain hole area will be lower a bit to ensure water to flow to that drain.

Many homeowners, apartment buildings and business owners are beginning to go with flat roofs due to the lower cost, which is one of our facts for flat roofs, and for the “green” living. These roofs can be used for more than to cover the building like a garden or sitting area. They can also help with businesses, homeowners or other building uses that need any heavy equipment like HVAC units can be installed onto of the flat roof instead of the ground.

Many commercial
buildings are very likely to be covered with one of the many different types of
single ply membrane roofing materials. These types of roofing systems can be
mechanically fastened or glued down to your roof deck. We are certified installers
of the following roofing systems. Please feel free to view their websites to find
out what manufacture may be best suited for your project. Manufacturer’s usually
offer a 10 year material warranty.

Common Manufacturers

Duro-Last Roofing Inc

Genflex Building Products

Roofing Products International, Inc

U.S. Intec (now part of gaf.com)