Tile Roofing

There are several manufacturers of concrete/clay roofing tiles. Typically manufacturers of tile roofing 
have a shake or slate style, or a high or low barrel profile. In addition to this, some
manufacturers also offer a light weight tile. If you are re-roofing your home and are
interested in a tile roof you should check with a structural engineer to make sure that your
home is engineered for a standard weight tile. Tiles come in a multitude of colors to
choose from. The best way to see all the different colors and styles is to visit a manufacturer’s
facility and view their display boards. Otherwise take a few moments to go through the
links to a few manufacturers that are located here in Colorado. Tile roofs will typically
last at least 50 years. They come with limited lifetime warranties.

Basic tile roof benefits

You’ll most commonly see tile roofs in the southern United States. Homes that are 50 or 60 years old may still have their original roof, thanks to superior durability.

Most tiles used for roofing are made from clay, concrete or sand, but improvements in the manufacturing process have led to lighter weight, composite tiles that offer the same kind of longevity. Manufacturers typically rate their tiles for 50 years of life with proper maintenance, but in many cases that’s a conservative estimate. In part, this is because of tile’s natural resistance to sun damage along with superior protection against insect damage and rot. Water does not decay tile, and tile offers no food source for insects.

Common Manufacturers

Westile Roofing Products

Monier Lifetile

Eagle Roofing Products