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Frequently asked questions About Roofing

Common roofing questions our clients are asking

Maybe not. Leaks can result from parts of the roof that have been damaged or flashings that have been damaged or deteriorated that can be replaced. The replacement of your roof will ultimately depend on the condition of your roof. It would be best to have a professional evaluate the condition of the roof if the roof is more than 15 years old.

We will provide an estimate to replace your entire roof for free. We also provide free estimates for new construction roofs with building plans provided. If a repair estimate is needed, there is a minimum $265 charge, but that will go toward the repair if you choose to have us make the necessary repairs to the roof.

We provide a workmanship warranty on all re-roofs and new construction roofs we install. Please contact our office for more information. Manufacturers offer different warranties on their materials. Please refer to the manufacturer’s website for the materials you are interested in for more detailed information on the warranties they provide. You may also discuss this when you meet with one of our salesmen for an estimate.

A workmanship warranty covers the expense of materials installed incorrectly. A manufacturer’s warranty is a warranty offered by the manufacturer that covers the materials against defects in the production of the materials. A workmanship or manufacturer warranty does not cover the cost to repair leaks unless the materials were incorrectly installed or there is a defect with the materials. Leaks can occur due to architectural design flaws or water coming into vents due to blowing rain or snow. Wind damage is also not something covered by a workmanship warranty or manufacturer’s warranty. We get some high winds on the front range and unfortunately, they do take some shingles with them sometimes. If you have found that shingles are missing after a windstorm, it is something that would be an insurance claim on your home.

Every roofing project cost differs based on what the client wants. There are several factors that Alliance Roofing Holdings uses to determine the cost of a roofing project:

  • The type of roofing material that is to be removed
  • The type of roofing material to be installed
    Size of the roof
  • Complexity of the roof
  • Location of the roofing project (code requirements, permitting, distance, etc)
Most jurisdictions require a permit to be obtained for a re-roof. Check with the roofing company if they do not mention a building permit on your estimate or during your visit. Some companies feel it’s not necessary to apply for a permit and don’t because they aren’t licensed with your jurisdiction. If a company tells you they don’t usually pull a permit, be weary of their practices because you will be the one responsible if the work isn’t done properly per city code.
Some jurisdictions will allow you to install another roof over your existing roof and it is called an overlay or recover. Many jurisdictions have moved away from allowing this practice over the past decade and require all materials to be removed to the decking.

We recommend that you have your roof checked annually. For $265.00, we will come out and perform a maintenance check on your roof. This check generally takes less than an hour. We check that all the seals/flashings around roof penetrations and chimneys are intact and that the shingles are fastened and secure. This is also when we will check the condition of the shingles to ensure no defects are present.

Depending on the location of your home and the number of trees around it, your gutters should be checked two to three times a year and have debris removed. By removing debris, water can flow properly from the gutters to the downspouts without clogging the downspouts with debris. If your gutters are not draining properly, a downspout may be clogged with debris. We can check the gutters during our maintenance check, however, we do not clean gutters of debris.
The size of gutters for your house will depend on the roofing material and pitch of your roof. We can provide gutters for your home in 5” or 6” seamless gutters or an architectural half round gutter.
Proper attic ventilation is necessary on your home to protect the life of your shingles. It is a requirement by many shingle manufacturer’s that if proper ventilation isn’t present on the home, it will automatically void the warranty with them. There are several options available for ventilation in the attic to choose from. Ask our salesman what options are available during your assessment.
You do not need to be at home during the roofing process. You should be available for contact if an unforeseen event should arise during the process though. There must be access to power available and entrance into the back yard. All pets and children should be kept indoors for their safety and the safety of our workers.
  • Materials will be delivered by one of our suppliers and stacked on the roof, they will need access to the driveway if the house is far from the street. You do not need to be home for the delivery unless you want to be.
  • There is a lot of noise and trash during a reroof. We recommend removing any valuables from the walls or shelves that you are concerned may fall from the vibrations that occur during the removal and install of materials. It is not uncommon to have items to shift during a reroof and we want to make sure that you can take the necessary precautions to protect your valuables.
  • Sometimes a permit may be taped to the front door, please leave that there for the city; please contact our office before removing the permit.
  • We collect payment when all work has been completed or in phases depending on the length of time for the work to be completed. No money will be requested for work not done or materials not loaded. There may be special circumstances in which money will be requested before work or loading of materials, but that is rare and you would be made aware of why it’s required up front. Payment is due upon completion/receipt of the invoice and is not based on when the roof passes inspection by the city. Our normal method of payment accepted for work is by check, cashier’s check, or cash if you’d prefer.

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