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When it comes to our roofing process, our team has hands-on experience in roofing repairs and replacement. Every roofing project has its own unique problems. Whether you are looking for asphalt, tile, metal, flat or even a living roof, we have the decades of Colorado roofing experience needed to do the job right. Alliance Roofing has completed thousands of Colorado roofing projects using high-quality materials and innovative techniques because we know that a sturdy roof involves much more than just nailing shingles into place.

Alliance Roofing Inc. has serviced: the Denver metro area, the entire state of Colorado and parts of Wyoming, and Nebraska We specialize in new construction, commercial roofing, re-roofs, flat and metal roofing, and seamless gutter and downspout systems (limited services outside Colorado).

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Our Process

Alliance Roofing Holdings delivers the highest quality results in roof replacement, repair, gutters, and other exterior services for homes and commercial properties.

1. Team Meeting & Prep

We believe that a team meeting between our team and our client is a critical component to any roofing project. Clients expect their jobs completed on time, on budget and with high quality workmanship. We feel that by meeting with our client and understanding their needs we can better serve them.

During this meeting, we also explain our process and examine the roof thoroughly prior to completing the estimate. We attempt to list everything necessary for the completion of work, however, when the first layer of roofing or gutters have been removed, issues may be found underneath your shingles and attic space that were not able to be identified at the time of inspection and may incur an additional cost. This will be noted on the estimate if the salesman suspects an issue may be found beneath current materials.

2. Waterproof & Underlayment

The felt underlayment is important for creating a flat, even-surface roof. The felt underlayment provides an extra layer of protection beneath the shingles to help prevent wind-driven rain from reaching the roof deck. We use materials that meet installation and city/county requirements that will be compatible with your chosen roofing materials.

The roof underlayment serves as a waterproof or water-resistant barrier, installed directly on the roof deck beneath the main roofing materials. This layer adds an extra level of defense against water infiltration and various weather-related elements, effectively safeguarding the roof. Its role includes preventing moisture and leaks, ultimately contributing to an extended lifespan for the roof.

3. Metal Flashings & Accessories

It is not required by all city and/or county requirements to install eave and rake metal. Despite this fact, we highly recommend installing eave and rake metal along all roof edges. Without drip or rake edge metal installed, water can run down the side of the fascia and siding — causing stains and eventual damage. Another very important part to the roofing system is proper ventilation. Without proper ventilation, many shingle manufacturer’s will not warrant the materials. Ask us about installing additional attic vents or ridge vent if you are concerned about the ventilation of your roof system.

4. Shingles, Metal Roofing, or Flat Roofing

Whether you want asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or flat roofing we can support your interest. We have experience installing numerous manufacturer’s products. Please view the variety of manufacturer’s that we install most often on our materials page.

5. Gutters

Smart homeowners are looking for a professional that can offer quality rain gutters at a reasonable price. An effective gutter and downspout system will protect your property by moving water away from your property’s foundation or basement. There are several options to choose from when you are selecting gutters.

6. Clean Up

The final part of the roofing process – but the one that will leave the most lasting impression with our customers is the final inspection and cleanup. The team at Alliance Roofing takes the time to make sure that the roof meets our high standards, and we will clean up the construction site after the work is complete. The final inspection ensures that we have not missed any critical details, and that we can stand behind our final product and our commitment to you.

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