Is Your Roofing Company Licensed and Insured?

Is Your Roofing Company Licensed and Insured?

Is Your Roofing Company Licensed and Insured? | Alliance Roofing

Is Your Roofing Company Licensed and Insured?

Before you hire a roofing company or contractor, it’s essential to make sure they are licensed and insured. So, how do yu find out if your roofer is licensed and insured? Legitimate roofing companies commonly request partial upfront payments, serving as a safeguard to ensure payment upon completion. Conversely, fraudulent businesses might demand a majority or full payment upfront, purportedly for materials and equipment, often leading to potential disappearance or subpar work if you comply.

The significance of a roofing contractor’s license cannot be overstated. In Sacramento, roofing contractors must be licensed by the California Contractors State License Board, indicating their competence through rigorous testing. Working with a licensed contractor ensures adherence to industry best practices, up-to-date knowledge on installation and repair, and compliance with local building codes.

Unlicensed contractors pose risks, including lack of insurance, potential overcharging, substandard work, insufficient expertise, and unfamiliarity with local regulations. Licensed roofers, on the other hand, bring knowledge, contractual commitment, and insurance protection against property damage or worker injuries.

Why Choose a Licensed Roofer?

Knowledgeable: Licensed contractors demonstrate expertise through tests.
Adherence to contracts: Licensed roofers work under detailed contracts.
Insured: Insurance is crucial in the roofing industry to protect homeowners from liability.

To verify a contractor’s license, check with the Contractors State License Board. Unscrupulous contractors may exploit situations like post-wildfire rebuilding, making it essential to choose licensed, bonded, and insured roofers to avoid potential liabilities.

Ensuring a contractor’s insurance coverage, including workers’ compensation and general liability, is vital. Workers’ compensation protects against on-site injuries, while general liability covers property damage. Confirming insurance details before hiring safeguards homeowners from potential financial burdens.

For military veterans, experience options vary based on years of service and roles, offering different pathways to becoming licensed roofing contractors.

How To Verify A License

To verify licensure, utilize online tools like the Better Business Bureau. Text-to-Verify and mobile applications offer additional convenient methods to check a contractor’s license.

Before hiring a contractor, obtain written estimates from 2-3 contractors and compare them thoroughly. Verify a roofing contractor’s license through state websites, ensuring the contractor’s legitimacy and qualifications.

Inquiring into a plumber’s licensure involves checking their website, requesting evidence of licensure, and using online search tools. Utilize resources like the Better Business Bureau, Angies List, and personal referrals to assess a plumber’s qualifications.

To find licensed and insured roofing contractors, perform online searches and check the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas database. Bonding ensures completion of the job, while insurance covers accidents; both are crucial aspects to consider when hiring a contractor.

Checking a roofer’s insurance involves requesting proof, such as a certificate, and contacting the insurance company to verify coverage for potential roof replacements.

Roofing contractor licensing requirements vary by state, with no national standards. Research each state’s regulations and ensure a contractor’s qualifications before hiring.

Ensuring a roofing contractor has the necessary skills, licenses, and insurance is crucial for a well-constructed and protected roof. Always prioritize thorough verification before entrusting such significant work.


Alliance Roofing is a Denver, Colorado-certified roofing contractor. We have been in business for over 20 years and have attended numerous industry and partner company training programs to advance our education on the latest techniques and products to use. We believe you need a strong certified contractor in the Colorado region to ensure your job is done right. Colorado’s environment provides numerous challenges for roofing contractors. From hail storms, tornadoes, high winds, snow storms, etc. — we feel you need a local contractor who knows how to do it right.

All too often we see contractors from other states coming in to chase hail storms. They don’t know our local environmental conditions and many of the special needs roofing contractors need to be aware of in Colorado. If you want it done right — then hire a local Colorado-certified Contractor.

Author : Joe Har
Author : Joe Har

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